You have arrived at the former website of UK theatre organist Michael Baron.  Michael is no longer performing, and his web presence is now for sale.

Domain names

Available to purchase are the following domain names.

  • theatreorganist.com
  • theatreorganist.co.uk
  • theaterorganist.com
  • theaterorganist.co.uk

This is a rare opportunity to acquire both the .com and .co.uk variations of these names.

All of the domains can have catch all email addresses set up, or email hosting can be arranged.


We would be happy to sell the website along with the domain names. The site has been online since 2009 and is the highest ranking domain for a theatre organist’s personal website, currently appearing on page 2 of Google. This could be improved with investment in content from the new owner, so would be a great head start for a theatre organist looking to improve their online presence quickly.


We can offer one year’s free hosting along with the sale of the website. After that, the site can be moved to another provider, or benefit from the preferential rate we agreed for Michael with a private hosting company.

Image library

We have a wide range of theatre organ related photography. All of the images currently visible on the website will be provided for your use.

Purchasing process

We are looking for offers over £1000 GBP/ $1350 USD for all four URLs and the website (which is a WordPress preconfigured with a menu structure, blog and concert/event calendar).

In due course, once we have gauged interest initially, we will set a deadline for receiving offers.

In the event that a buyer is not interested in the website or hosting, just the URLs, that’s fine, but since most of the value is in the domain names and the Google karma they come with, the ‘offers over’ price is not negotiable.